ACTO Scanner

ACTO Scanner : Piezo z-Stage for movement with sub nanometer resolution in vertical direction.  Strain gauge readout is provided for this z-Stage to achieve high precession and repeatability.

ACTO-scanner includes:

  • Z-Stage;
  • Piezo Driver;
  • Power supply;
  • Readout and Drive electronics(optional);
  • Essential Software.

You can use ACTO- scanner:

  • As a microscope stage for precise focus control.
  • Precise movement of optical elements and specimens.

Possible applications:

  • Confocal laser microscopy and spectroscopy.
  • Near-field Optical microscopy and nano-photonics.

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More information about ACTO Scanner

Price: From 5K


Vertical travel: 15 um

Resolution: better than 1 nm (using 16-bit piezo driver)

Drive voltage: 0 to 100V

Responsivity: 150 nm / V

Capacitance: 1.4 uF

Connection: SMC (please specify male or female), adapters to BNC available

Maximum load: 500 g

Overall dimensions: 1.5” x 1.5” x 1.25” tall


  • 4x #1/4-20 clearance holes on a standard 1” optical grid for attachment to the optical table
  • 12x #4-40 threaded holes for sample attachment


  • Always observe correct polarity on the piezo. If a reverse voltage is applied, the piezo may become permanently depolarized.
  • Never exceed the maximum operating voltage.
  • Due to the high voltages present during operation, the piezo stage must always be mounted on a properly grounded optical platform.
  • Do not operate the stage if the cable or connector appear damaged in any way. Lethal voltages may be present.
  • The stage is adjusted for proper preload at the factory. Please consult Actoprobe if adjustments become necessary.
  • No tensile load should be applied. The stage will only work under compressive load.
  • Avoid mechanical shock. The piezo-crystal may be destroyed upon impact.
  • Do not operate or store in a humid environment. Moisture can impact the lifetime of the piezo-ceramic.
  • Do not attempt to disassemble the stage.
  • The stage is designed for operation in vertical orientation. Performance in any other orientation cannot be guaranteed.

Optional strain gauge readout

All piezos suffer from inherent non-linearities, hysteresis and creep. For all application, where high precision or repeatability are required, we recommend closed loop operation. We therefore offer the z-stage fitted with a strain-gauge which can be read-out with commonly available lock-in amplifiers, such as the Stanford Research Model 830. Alternatively, Actoprobe can supply matching readout and drive electronics.

Drive voltage: 2.5Vrms recommended

Nominal resistance: 350 Ohm

Sensitivity: 125 uV/um (at 2.5V drive)


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