ACTO-A – Adapter

ACTO-A – a universal adapter which connects conventional optical microscope via camera port to a spectrometer. ACTO-A can help you to do Confocal Laser Microscopy and Optical Spectroscopy with your own conventional microscope.

You can use ACTO-A for:

  • Fluorescent imaging(including lifetime imaging),
  • Tip Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (TERS) and Imaging,
  • DBR testing and characterization,
  • And much more!

ACTO-A compatible with most conventional optical microscopes and the price starts from 10K.

Optical Schematic

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More information about ACTO-A Adapter

The adapter lets steer laser beam in the microscope optical path to focus it on the sample or specimen under investigation and collect scattered light from the sample  along the same optical path.
ACTO-A application with conventional optical microscope to do confocal optical spectroscopy on sub-micron scale

The laser is conveniently connected to ACTO-A via fiber optic input which also serve as a special filter. The collected scattered light from the sample is outputted via fiber optics output. It allows us send it directly to the spectrometer applying optical fiber or free space steering applying fiber optic collimator.


ACTO-A includes:

  • Optical Confocal Unit;
  • Green laser (532 nm, 20mW) with fiber optical coupler(optional);
  • CCD–based spectrometer- 350-1050nm (optional);
  • Digital Camera (optional);
  • Fiber Optic White Light Illuminator-30W (optional);
  • Essential software.

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