uhar_afm_probe 1SEM image of regualr UHAR probe 1SEM image of regualr UHAR probe 2

Ultra High Aspect Ratio (UHAR) AFM Probes


UHAR AFM probes are modified from regular AFM probes by Focused Ion Beam (FIB) milling to achieve a probe tip length of more than 6 μm.

Regular UHAR AFM probes require imaging from oblique direction, while topview UHAR AFM probes allow imaging from vertical direction .

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Product Description


SEM image of Topview UHAR AFM probe

SEM image of Topview UHAR AFM probe

  • Tip length up to 13 µm usable scanning length, tip radius of curvature < 6nm, tip aperture < 7o
  • Allowing for ultra-deep (6-10 µm) trench imaging
  • Attaining higher quality imaging of extremely steep (>85°) sidewalls
  • Creating much more detailed height imaging profiles
  • Ascertaining to a higher degree the etch effects on deep trench sidewalls
  • Probe Material: Si or GaAs
  • Different Metal coatings on the tip: Au, Ag, Pt.


  • Sidewall characterization for small pixel infrared Focal-place Array (FPA) detectors.
  • MEMS
  • Biological samples

Height profile of a 5-µm scan that shows the left sidewall in higher resolution and detail. The inserts show the corresponding AFM topography images

Height scan profile